Before We Forgot How To Dream
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Who is SOAK?

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One thing is for sure when it comes to Irish people – they have an incredible sense for melody. They never sound like they are going to shave your Barbie’s head. Another thing is that their vocals are so suggestive and sensitive it’s almost like honey is running through their veins and not blood.

Geographically immanent gift didn’t bypass 18 year old Bridie Monts-Watson aka SOAK who released her debut album this year. Soft vocal made me forget about pretty easy melodies on the album and banal lyrics as The stars and moon reminded me of you. Peak of this strategy is in the song B a noBody, a true summer slow tempo track. Even though she is still a teenager, the lyrics are not as naïve as you would think. I also really liked Blud because it confronts heavy theme with shallow generic melody.

Sea Creatures is the most exposed single from the album so far and it reminded me of few things. But you know how it goes – when you try your hardest to remember a song or an album, your brain becomes your biggest enemy. Much better of the previously mentioned is Shuvels, ethereal ballade with a short vocal crescendo at the end. Minimalistic approach is her strong side and maybe that is the direction she should go in the future.

The rest of the album is pretty much solid, but it is not powerful enough to leave a personal mark. It did not facilitate me to think about it. The only memorable moment is an obscure, threatening atmosphere in the song called 24 Windowed House.

When I look at what I wrote, it seems like there is not a lot of space for criticism. Well, nothing is what it seems and this album has serious shortages. What SOAK lacks the most is the bravery to twist the story and shock the listener in order to prove to the listener how sweet girl with a sweet voice can be completely original.

Instead, SOAK has soaked trends and swim in familiar waters.

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