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Moon Taxi 'Daybreaker' Album Review

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Upbeat. Soulful. Creative. These are the three words that came to mind as I listened to the new Moon Taxi album entitled . These Nashville native indie rockers released their 5th full length album on October 2nd, 2015. This was a band I recently discovered, partly because I believe their name is too similar to the indie powerhouse Walk the Moon.Daybreaker

At first, was a very underwhelming listen for me. I felt like I’ve heard a lot of bands like them, but they were just different enough to keep my attention. Pulling influence from tropical house, dance-pop, and a pinch of southern rock, Moon Taxi creates an atmosphere that’s very hard to classify. Songs like “Savannah” and “Ready To Go” are good examples of this phenomenon. For me the song “Savannah” was like the equivalent of following a poorly written map. You know where the destination is, but the route to get there is weird and unconventional. Daybreaker

The culmination of the different musical elements is what makes worthwhile for me. As the album progresses, so does the character of each song. The beginning of the album sounds generic and comprehensive, and toward the middle/end the songs get more shapeless and ambigious. Although they’ve been around since 2007, I think will be the album to give Moon Taxi the popularity they deserve. With no obvious radio hits, Moon Taxi continues to fly under the radar and doing it a diverse and eclectic style.DaybreakerDaybreaker