Those Younger Days
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Indie Family

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When you believe in people, the whole world is a church. And when your family believes in you, your life is easy like indie song. Music runs in the family. Sometimes literally. Many still remember The Kelly Family, maybe one of the first popular bands whose members were all part of one family. There are a lot of families who form bands and The Hunts are newest successful example of this creative modus vivendi.

The Hunts is a band formed by seven brothers and sisters Hunt. There are twin sisters Jenni and Jessie (they are the oldest ones, 25), and then there are five brothers: Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin and Jamison. As you might notice, their parents were really into giving their children names that start with J. Is it because of Jesus? The reason I am asking myself this is because their parents have raised them with Christian axiology which is, certainly, a strong part of their lyrical expression.

These kids have been on stage for many years and they have released few records. We were young was my favorite song until few days ago. New album Those Younger Days is so simple, it makes you instantly fall in love with its simplicity. It is their first official studio album.

The Hunts play various traditional instruments, the melodies are minimalistic and enriched with orchestral details. To make a long story short, those who have loved Mumford & Sons will love The Hunts. The only difference, in my opinion, would be  that The Hunts tend to sound less commercial.

Those Younger Days functions as a meaningful unit. There is no turning left or right, everything goes straight to indie folk. Most of the album has an easy tone perfectly balanced with interesting vocals. Make This Leap is my favorite, but there are many other tracks worth putting on an autumn playlist, such as Ages.

Without any dilemma, this is a gorgeous collection of indie folk songs. It is nice to hear the sound of music bringing families together.