State of Undress
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Minimalistic Freak Folk

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Minimalistic indie folk is the future of the alternative scene. Berlin based group Susie Asado (named by Gertrude Stein’s song) is one of the pioneers of this genre and their lead singer, Joseph Conrad, is already a heroine.

Sound of the album is well thought, executed with braveness and involvement with no  inhibitions whatsoever. We could say they are practically not even playing instruments. They are rather touching some notes here and there just so they can produce some kind of sound. Nonetheless, the essence of the songs is present. When you take a look at the lyrics, you get the impression like they were written like Sheldon Cooper who got drunk.

State of Undress is a totally appropriate name for this album. There is no audio jewelry. It seems as almost there was no post production at all. Recordings are not assertive but they are played and sung in a way that makes it impossible not to be impressed. You can feel their artistic approach throughout the whole album –every member of the band adds up something unique. Each song has its focus, head and tail. They are mostly playing on string instruments, such as acoustic guitar and violin, but there are also synths and drums.  Sometimes, they sound like Tom Waits or Patti Smith.

First three songs on the album are going to disarm you instantly. Lovely vocal on Citizen makes you fall in love with Susan Asido. You will feel the same way on Under Under, unless you get irritated by a violin.

Zebra Stripes is a brave excursion to the different sound. It stands out from the rest of the album but not in a good way. I forgive them, because State of Undress is a very quiet record that screams self-confidence and team spirit, filled with melodies that are beautifully put together.