Dame Daniels
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Who the F*ck is Dame Daniels?!

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Daniel Stephen Hernandez ( Born May 28, 1985), better known by his stage name, “Dame Daniels,” is an American hip hop artist from King City, California. He got his start as an entertainer by performing in clubs and shows around Atlanta. That was the start of something epic. In his early years, Dame Daniels released his first independent extended play “Project Kings Town,” which was released in 2006. During 2006 to 2016, he's been earnestly releasing new music, such as two singles and three mixtapes. One debut single, “Shut’em Down,” featuring Princess Digital from Crime Mob, received major reviews and attention from urban radio stations that would get the radio world asking “Who is Dame Daniels?”

In 2011, Dame Daniels signed to "Legendary Bay Artist Mac Dre's,” recording label Thizz Latin Entertainment, but decided later on he was headed in a different direction musically. Now managed by his colleague, Joseph Simmons (G-Status Incorporated), Dame Daniels is becoming more known as a hip hop artist in the urban music world. He is currently published in blogs such as Thisis50.com   . Dame Daniel's is scheduled to release his second extended play titled “Atlantafornia,” on April 20, 2017.