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'Chelzzz' - Hip-Hop's Newest Female Boss

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Of all the rap artists I've been listening to for the past couple weeks, Chelzzz stands out as someone who nearly broke the mold. I say nearly because her tenacity and stage presence reminds me of Eminem, amazing, powerful, and quite frankly confidant and commanding. According to her bio on her website she was born and raised in Detroit, yes Mathers stomping grounds, and we know the 8 mile reputation so it's no surprise where Chelzzz's toughness comes from. I bought her available singles on ITunes, but she has more music on SoundCloud, although not officially released on one EP I will treat it like it was, yes the single Cookin' is the icing on the cake, but her music as a whole deserves to be mentioned. With that said, keep in mind she does have new music in the works coming out in the form of an EP in the near future which she tweeted out to her fans to anticipate. Chelzzz's Get Like Me is the talk to the hand toward any guy walking up trying to scam on a smarter no holds barred gal and oops you done gone messed up now better run song. The beats are tight and top notch, my head could not stop bopping while I listened, and she put together the change ups like a pro.  She was born for this like lyrics in the song suggests, Block Service Announcement has an impressive digital keyboard tonality, and written melodically which raises the bar more than usual, this is real composing going on here. The way I interpret the premise is Chelzzz saying, I'm here to show y'all what's up, I can hold my own with the best, even straight out the gate, that's right bitches try me. I don't doubt it one bit, I feel it when I bump her music. I love her confidence. Can you spare some? Her rhymes though DAMN all day long. The single Cookin' is not her most recent release, but the official music video came out in June of this year. I've shared it on twitter already as have her many other fans I'm sure, though I must say I am most impressed by this in particular. Chelzzz is a break out up and coming soon to be rap star, but in the process the extra hard work is being put in to reach the next level. The quality of the Cookin' video is well filmed and directed, if I didn't know better it looks major label backed, all signs are not quite yet, but her independent efforts are to be mucho respected. The song is intense and the subject matter touches on some real life dangerous shit. I take it as a cautionary tale, and I admit it hits close to home since my adult daughter is a recovering addict. The trap style is utilized to the hilt and I haven't heard better. she nailed it here.  I would love to see an official music video for Problem. Released March 2017 it's her most recent, and maybe darkest. Listen to the official audio on YouTube and you'll hear what I mean, better yet buy it to support the real deal. The lyrics say straight up her music is based on true life, and it seems directed toward someone who had done her wrong. How does the saying go? Don't be cruel to a heart that's true? Well I'm sure certain aspects are metaphorically speaking in the lyrical storyline, but the point is don't fuck with Chelzzz man, just don't, she do you like you do her. K? Emotionally charged flow, the writing once again is remarkable, Chelzzz is on her way to become the next big thing and a household name. Speaking of names, Chelzzz has a gorgeous tattoo on her forearm Kelly Lynn. Is that her A.K.A? I bet.


- Danny Rasp, RippleEffectsRecords (


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