Cassper Nyovest
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Cassper Nyovest Channels Future in His New Song “Tito Mboweni”

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South African rap star Cassper Nyovest who took the world by storm with his songs “Phumakim” and “Doc Shebeleza” a few years ago is back again with a new single from his soon to be released third studio album “Thuto”. The album will drop on the 7th of May 2017 and to give us a feel for what to expect he has dropped a single titled “Tito Mboweni”.


As soon as the track starts you can hear the sonic similarity to many of Future’s songs. The vocal delivery, the production, the vocal effects, the style of the hook and even the adlibs all sound like Future, which is rather disappointing because the current music landscape is already filled with so many copycat acts. Nonetheless when you ignore all of the copying, the song itself is quite catchy but doesn’t do anything that your typical trap banger hasn’t already done. The production is decent as is the overall feel of the track. Lyrically there’s not much that Cassper is saying. He brags about his financial success, his appeal to women and makes various boastful claims about himself.

The song’s production was handled by longtime collaborator Gemini Major who has recently departed from Cassper’s “Family Tree” label and formed a new imprint called “Rudebuoy Records” which is in partnership with Da L.E.S.’s “Fresh2 Def” label. The announcement was made by Gemini Major himself during a television interview on the SABC program “Amp Live”. An official press statement was also made by his publicist.


“It has been a great journey with special memories made and I’m thankful of all the opportunities, but now it’s time to focus on other things and grow as an artist and brand,” Gemini commented in the statement. “The future is full of possibilities and I charge ahead with so much optimism and positive vibes. It’s a matter of time before Rudebouy Major becomes a force to be reckoned with in the local music space. Watch out for us and all the new artists and collaborations we will unleash in the not so distant future.”


It will be interesting to see how things pan out for both Cassper Nyovest and Gemini Major in the months and years to come. They have both been played an integral part in each other’s careers thus far hence it’ll be interesting to see where these new paths will lead them to.