Time Of My Life
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JopauL Fighting For His Right To Party

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Who doesn't love a man who fights for his right to party? Not me! Maybe it's not stated in the Constitution (even though it should be), but as any Beasty Boy would tell you, it's your right (even if at time you have to fight for that right) to party. So if you're looking for a party patriot, Jopaul (www.facebook.com/iamjopaul) is your man.

"Time of My Life" is the epitome of a party album. It picks up the hardy party line from "Party Started" (the opening track) and doesn't turn it down even through the very last song, appropriately titled "Turned Down For What". Twelve tracks that take it up a notch from beginning to end. Isn't that what epic parting is all about, brah? Best of the lot (in my humble party opinion) is "Aww Yeah". It's short, it's sweet, and it gets right to the point. But "You Got It" is no slouch on the couch either. Still, the opening number, "Party Started" is really what the Jopaul crew is all about so let's make a long story short and give credit where credit is due, dude. Do you understand, or should I send you (wink, wink, nod, nod) a few smoke signals? Now you're reading your boy loud and clear.

Domwan Entertainment (the label releasing Jopaul's "Time Of My Life") has struck the mother lode in discovering Jopaul, and I couldn't make it any clearer when I say this homie from Staten Island, NY, is solid gold. Buy it, blast it, dig it and live it. "Time Of My Life", the party's just begun for Jopaul, and y'all's all invited. A'ight? A'ight!

R.I.Y.L.: The Beasty Boys, Pitbull, Madonna, Flo Rida, Miley Cyrus and anyone who makes you get up and dance!