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Timbo`s Christmas gift with #Unreleased voice of Aaliyah!!!

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King Stays King


"King Stays King" is ready for it`s Christmas release and it`s gonna be big time hit, because, first, it comes from Timbo the King Of Beats, and second, because the most talented super producer promised to reveal yet another unreleased vocal recording from his gone to early best friend and the greatest Neo/Soul/RNB singer of all time... Late Aaliyah! Yes, we`ve been waiting on the very nerve edges everytime, Tim-man anounces something big and special, and now, after dropping his first book, reflecting on his worst and best life moments, getting enormous success, this December 25th will be Timbaland`s pefect timing to end this great year with a perfect closure. 




The Mixtape will have 16 tracks and will hold seats for names like Mila J, Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug with the introduction of new artist called Blaze and already buzzed special topping, Aaliyah vocal. The bar is up high, the internet has gone crazy wild over it, and how not to, but until 25th, we will just have to settle for this few candids and written words, splurging from page to page. So share the news and keep those ears warmed, it`s going to be one hell of a dope winter! :)