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The Most Innovative Duo Reigned Back!!!

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Isn`t the best present you can get for a holiday, Christmas or New Year (or any of your free choice and belief), an official publishment of an extremelly dope work of art from your favourite genre and way of life to enjoy 24/7 while eating your favourite food, in cosy corners of your home with the dearest people around you? Yes. And that`s exactly what these two wonderful guys gave us. A full, complete sense pleasure. As I pointed out in the title, the two most innovative artists in new school of Hip Hop these days, are Futuristic and Devvon Terrell. 

The duo have been heating up the social networks, Facebook the most with their video cuts of hot bar spitting and beside both getting a fat fan base with their top notch album projects, they have been really really diligent and so freakingly creative, that they errased all the limitations and so far, broke every of our expectations. There isn`t a song that they cannot cover, not a single aspect that they cannot turn into a fire verse, their energies are getting bigger and bigger, expanding faster than the speed of light and you can see they are appreciating it prety much.

Now after doing a dope cover from Luda`s old hit from the "Step Up 2" movie called "The Potion", and killin it in "Blase" cover and before that starting to fire the mics with so far my favourite cover of "Jumpman" joint, Futuristic and Devvon hit the streets with the fresh mutual album project "Coast 2 Coast", available for pre-order on iTunes now! The album is set to release on Catholic Christmas on Dec, 25th, but if you can`t wait, pre-order it asap, here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1065212224?ls=1&app=itunes

Coast2Coast Album

First single from the album is just dropped official video "I Want It All", and if still in doubt, I recommend a warm visit to the nearest health care institution, because this dual musical thunder is sick as the baddest imunity eating bug! Get them. Now.