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Long Live Jidenna The Chief

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He will be the most wanted artist in the upcoming years. An incredibly distinctive Hip Hop specimen. The "Classic Man" gigolo, Jidenna blast opened his suit and tie swag in his latest hit "Long Live The Chief". Although this top notch fire banger should have been much more longer, considering it`s incredibly well constructed instrumental body, still, repeat hotspot button wouldn`t mind. In exceptionally envisioned video cut, skilled gentleman cought us in another amazement of his originality and witty personality.


In Chief Anthem, Jidenna managed to visualize a perfect world of desirable wishes and his bold dreams. The conception of the video is done on the highest possible level adding the perfect patch to the Jidenna`s bar flow energy. A black and white, red color whipe visual, started as "99 Problems" back to back deja-vu effect, indicating the level of dopeness in the air. But besides that, which can be misunderstood for the seen before effect, nothing else echoes like it. Jidenna really made sure his special signature stays over the whole anthem completely, slayering the bars in the only way his musical intelligence knows. 

Everything`s on point here. First, the fat beat form, the elegantly looking style fitting so slick on Jidenna, and third, the extraordinary concieved artistic music video. There is no joke here, this is the most reached amplitude of serious illness, when quality starts asking questions. Or more simply put, Jidenna for the Chief.  


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