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Futuristic and Devvon Terrell in TMSTIDK

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"Tell Me Something That I Don`t Know", is the latest title given for the brand new hit single owned by the magical Hip Hop duo Futuristic (@OnlyFuturistic) and Devvon Terrell (@DevvonTerrell). The jam just popped out in public hearing room and it`s another proof of realness this boys are emiting. The warm Hip Hip beat is an excellent sustention to the strong Rap Futuristic has expressed on the realest point, and all that enhanced by the heart-melting warmness of the sexy vocal from Devvon, makes this banger a perfect 808 kick to a trap bass match.


We`ve seen the amount of energy that has been mixing in the air whenever these two guys collab toghether and we`ve heard how that can easily transcend into the mass positive effect of gaining fan base, creating this addictive buzz everyone`s hooked to. They prooved themselves in freestyle as well as in full music projects and they are keeping it real al the way up to 1000% and that is the reason why they have so much respect among the people, from rookies to pro-cookies, so you already know this guys are working hard and doing what ever it takes to keep expanding what they love and what makes them. 

 Devvon Terrel

In the "TMSTIDK", duo talks about the real life things, situations, support and not getting one, the game change and the way the people can treat you depending on your current status. Accenting that they are aware of it and are appeciative of support, but also very retainable of all the disses by others. But, whatever they are, whatever their music take them to, they will stay true to themselves and stay with people that have been by their side from the begining. 


Something in Futurisic`s realness and raw cocky rap, especially the style, makes me give him the deserved comparisson to Talib Kweli himself. The way he uses pauses, accents and speed of flow in spits, is so Kweli fly. Well, the boys are keeping it simple, but classy and fresh and should be crowned with the pretty high pedestal. Agree?