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Wiley honors P Money

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East London in the house! This English Rap veteran and an incredibly skilled MC previously known as Wiley Kat, now simply Wiley, buzzed my mostly USA oriented Hip Hop attention with this straight forward-fast spit rap, with the special feel on the artist`s energy and I instantly fell in love with his artistic expression. This 36-year-old "barzman" just glides naturally on top of his mastered words, pointed exactly on every beat drop, on every tempo pop and also flies through in between the rhythm of a catchy trap/dub/grind instrumental in the latest video for the single "P Money", a smashing banger, paying respect to much younger colleague Paris Moore Williams aka P Money.

P Money


The author MC clearly points out why he has such a respect for the young rap star, complementing P Money`s strong passion and dedication, the will to success and the level of his grind. The originality of both artists is the point of similarity, the mutual space where the two grow their creativity. The music video is very old school like, "rapping in the projects" signature Hip Hop piece, the one verse repeated hook conjuring the strong accent of the message, of their genuine flow and real life actions and attitude.


If you`re standing on a true side of Hip Hop, or you are already in sync with Wiley`s work, then you should definitely check out the single, the video and both artists, because you won`t be disappointed.