Da Brat
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Da Brat-Sage-Eric lit dat #YAK

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Muddy sexiness in the air, slick fat trappin` basses and percussions compeling us into the modern old school club, to join this magical trio in their latest, just released banger "#YAK". And yeah, how can you not expect the dope title like this to be enything different. Even besides the catchy name "You Already Know", comes this legendary acronym any real Hip Hop ambassador knows, Ms Da Brat in flesh! Yes, now ther`s no doubt it`s gonna be your next anthem jam, at least `til New Year... But it comes holding much heavier impression than that. 

Da Brat

Our Hip Hop hall of fame lady made this combo even more exiting, bringing up these two sexy guys, with much sexier voices, Sage The Gemini and "Squad" banger originator, sweet Eric Bellinger for spicing the music meal of today and to bring that extra enegry to the plate. In a classic relationship romantic, but sassy lines, hook-ups and a smooth talk between girls and boys, the trio reward us with hit joint that will heat up the club floors under our feet.

Sage The GeminiEric Bellinger

Da Brat showed her original recognizable catchy rap, and the boys made sure it stays on point among this extremely dope instrumental background, spreading the high hits all over the place... "You Already Know" or for them Twitters crew, simply "#YAK", the head nodding, hips flexin` theme is everywhere in the air and we are happy for Da Brat`s golden comeback. Let`s kick with it together...