Kendrick Lamar
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Back2Back Black Friday

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If anyone can keep us up from our sitting spots, it`s those guys. If you are spending most of your time by your PC or laptop or any kind of smart device, whether you are just killing time type or resting in between your duties, you cannot be bypassed by the Black Friday fever. It`s all over the blogs, Facebook profiles, Instagram pics and Twitter blast hashtags. You can support it, selebrate it or not, but when music is the subject, anything goes. 

Kendrick and J Cole

And so, these two guys mentioned above.... Oh, right, I haven`t mentioned their names, but belive me, it won`t be too long until it`s all over the internet, jumping viraly, the, how I called it "back2back Black Friday", created between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. I mean, one of them realest rappers alive right now, them bars killers and the two artists so versatile and creative, it brings a new life to the music in Hip Hop...

The dual freestyle craft is started by Kendrick over J.Cole`s "A Tale of 2 Citiez" from his highly praised album "2014 Forest Hills Drive", and K-man nailed it as usual, with his fast bold and raw spit signature rap, crediting Cole for this dope beat among other thigs his verse mind carries. And immediately after, J responded doing his freestyle on Kendrick`s "Alright" from the "To Pimp A Butterfly". Now, I like J.Cole`s way of rap and especially his words, but I am more of a crazy-energy rap mood type Kendrick holds, cuz it leans more towards new school, as opposite to J.Cole`s old school taste. And that`s why here, we are listening to Kendrick`s part of the homonymous single and this Friday`s anthem "Black Friday". 

Kendrick-Black Friday Cover

This is the kind of collaboration and duel that Hip Hop culture needs in the future, to stay true to it`s self. Not some imaginary beefs, so the fans can have their attention buzzed more over some fake drama, when we all know it`s all about them benjamins at the end of the day. So while getting ready to hit the shopping mal or just want to be picked up and lift off on your not so special day, this two cats will make your 24 hours in the most positive way.... Black... Super Black! 

Here are  J.Cole`s "Black Friday" bars:

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