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CL Makes Her U.S. Debut With New Single

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K-Pop will always remain something of a mystery when compared to the Western music scene, but CL from South Korean girl band 2NE1 is certainly attempting to bridge the gap and make it big on her own, releasing a ‘street single’ that serves as a taste of her debut into the U.S. music scene.


‘Hello Bitches’ was released through Soundcloud yesterday and its music video soon followed on YouTube. The Bilingual electronic dance track combines the sound fans know and love from her work with 2NE1, with the rapping that CL (aka Chaerin Lee) has become known for.


The video seems to be a little inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’, introducing her backing dancers in the same way the characters in the American superstar’s video were introduced – names flashing up on screen, bold colours accenting them, slow-motion over-dramatic flair – which could be a very good move on CL’s part. If she can claim some of the ‘Swiftys’ then her American fan base will only grow.


In an interview with Noisey, CL said: "It’s not an official single but more of a street single. I wanted to give a little surprise video to excite the fans who have been waiting while I prepare for my solo album. Since I am Korean, it’s a good way of presenting me and it’s for everyone around the world to see where I am from and to keep it authentic."


‘The Baddest Female’ is currently working on her debut album and an EP, titled ‘Lifted’, is due to be released soon.


Speaking to Dazed Magazine, she mentions her upcoming EP: "I wanted to make this EP like a sampler. I kept thinking, 'My fans should know where I'm going.' I didn’t want them to be completely confused, because it's not going to be a Korean album."


It looks like CL is targeting the Western music scene hard. Good luck to her too! It’ll be great to see her seen one-day as a mainstream artist.