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Do more than just say it

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I’m pretty predictable when it comes to rap music. I usually get into it, when there’s a well balanced out mix of rap and singing. Combine that with an easily recognizable R&B influence in either vocals or music and you might just get my attention. “Say It” by Canadian singer/rapper Tory Lanez, has got all those characteristics.


It actually reached me by a detour. R&B’s public secret gem, Sevyn Streeter, known for her vocal acrobatics, covered this song about a month ago and did a fab job of it. It’s a thing she does, like many other celebrities, to cover others. Just recently turned her hand also on “Don’t”  by Bryson Tiller, who was in the Billboard Hot 100, not so long ago, with two songs at the same time.

 Anyway, Sevyn’s a great referrer to have for any artist, but Ed Sheeran also covered the song and Tory Lanez’ “Say It” has a third second secret weapon, that really works for me. It uses Brownstone’s “If You Love Me”. One of my favorite songs from the 90s.

For those who missed it, Brownstone were the first act to release an album on Michael Jackson’s label MJJ records. They were an all female vocal group and competed with R&B groups like SWV, Jade, TLC and En Vogue, during the middle of the 90s.


“If You Love Me” was their first single and broke them internationally. Even though their vocal abilities got critical acclaim, their success faded at the end of the 90s. Unfortunately, this year, one of the original members of the group died after a bad fall at her house.


For Tory Lanez, “Say It” is the second single preceding his debut album, due for release next year. Still, he’s been at it for several years, having already released several mixtapes.


He claims to have ghost written for many people like Akon, TI and Meek Mill, but you know that’s never going to get confirmed, ‘cos that would kind of ruin the whole point of ghost writing.....


Lanez has always managed to attract the attention of big names like Sean Kingston, who originally got him signed a few years ago, and Drake, whom he challenged to a friendly battle with $10,000 as prize money. Still, major success had not come knocking down his door yet.


“Say It” was released in August this year and gave him his first taste of chart success. The song reached number 57 in the Billboard Hot 100.


More recently, he featured on the SYPH track “Pull Up” and is tipped to be moving up from the underdog position he’s been holding down for about five years. According to many Hip Hop sources, he’s one to watch.