WTF (Where They From) [feat. Pharrell Williams]
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What the F are all these Hip Hop artists doing with all that money. THIS is how you do it! Two words: Missy Elliot. This Hip Hop magnetic woman, after huge successful history and not one single project mallwaring, and having to fight with the stubborn health bug for so long, meaning pressing the big pause button on a career level, you`d think she will at least come back easily and slip there and there.... Ha, but not this girl, oh no son. Not even that she returned in signature swag style, but she even broke every expectation of perfect, making it just that times supa dupa fat. 

She super fastly brought us back to the golden times of Hop and kept us fresh with new sounds from Mr. Pharrell himself. So long awaited and announced smokin jam "WTF" sculpted in a video model, reflects every original thing that Missy is all about. The tightest level of master talent, with diversity in crazy creative outfits, dance moves and visual effects, is the true recipe for kind of dopeness only Missy can make.

MIssy and Pharrell

A lyrical genious of Ms Elliott will make you smile like you just discovered another whole new dope planet outthere, and will also force you get that twerk bump 24/7. No more blabbing, about it, it`s time for some real music. 

MIssy Elliott-WTF Video

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