Pusha T
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Pusha`s remix spits on R.I.C.O !

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One of my favorite rappers alive is this man. The fervently original ex-drug transporter, Pusha-T flusters exactly about that stage of his life in the latest remix project of the notorious "R.I.C.O" joint by Meek (as Meek Mill) and Drake. Before Rap bars took over, King Push was "makin million on a corner", as he recalls, his boldly accusations and strong temper honesty is what`s keeping this lyricist on point in a Rap game all the way. 


The remix emerged on a Dr. Dre`s radio show "The Pharmacy" airing on his Beats 1 radio, and even though maybe expected to hit at Drake`s direction, following the mutual beef between the two, Push wisely stayed on the side of his story, only plucking the duos instrumental for making the point. Now, I am not taking sides here, I respect all of them equally for their music contributions, and I am always taking the side of music, so judging by so far, ther is always gonna be only one King. 


For another great win, here is the YouTube lyric video of the dope cypher like bang for your full entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMrEeDDYLkk