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G-Eazy Random

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I had the opportunity to see G-Eazy this summer at Lollapalooza. After fighting my way through a crowd made up of mostly females, I found a spot where I could see the stage. He pulled an impressive crowd, for being the smallest name headliner on Saturday night. This energy was electric at the show, and G-Eazy channels some of that into his new track “Random”.

The song comes out strong and brash; suited like a diss-track. “I got it all, I am young rich and handsome”, boasts Gerald as he slickly enters the first verse. It’s an entertaining listen, but the track feels like it ends prematurely. It’s comprised of only two verses, and three choruses and this may contribute to it feeling so short. Lyrically, I find this track to be a little generic. But what it lacks in content, it makes up for in energetic vibes. G-Eazy has always been more of a rapper that people “Turn up” to, rather than analyze his lyrics. That’s fine for me, because I still enjoy his music for what it is. He just holds a certain role in my catalog of rappers as the enthusiastic, talented live performer.

When its all said and done, this is a G-Eazy track. We have heard this before, but it will continue to get his fans pumped up and I have a feeling that’s exactly what he's is going for.

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