Missy Elliott
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Missy`s 7UP juice kitchen ready!

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Not so long ago, I took a privilege to write about our Superwomen double comeback when Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot exploded in style on the "Burn It Up" jam, with my accent on Miss Janet, but now it`s time to commit all of our urban souls time, and pick Missy`s kitchen latch to see what`s cookin behind that door! After Timbo and Pharrell both confirmed, there is no more question about it, the seventh studio album in in the pot, on the burner, the boiling has started, and everything is steamy hot out there.  

Now, the internet is buzzing with this latest snippet single "WTF" featuring one of her`s album authors Pharrell, title abbreviation refering to "where they from", teased on the ESPN NBA Weekend short in-play highlights video clip, spreading the Supa Dupa Fly Cooking Chef fever rapidly, but still leaving us to wait for the album`s final release date. So, until this mystery gets solved, Elliott is in front of the camera, shooting the video for this WTF banger and TMZ posted exclusive preview behind the scenes on that, where you can see Missy in her authentic rocking outfit as usual, keeping the originality, diamonds and all. Read no more, just click away and see for yourself. Oh, and one more thing before I finish.... This... is not a test! Missy is HERE! 


YouTube link to a video preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P65gTkGD0SU


WTF behind the scenes

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