Soul Killa
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Soul on a plate: Ransom`s second LP delivered!

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Everytime we touch on this guy`s work it`s getting harder for me to pick the right words to express the feelings Randy Nichols leaves us with... But little much is known about this incredible artist figure and a tender dark soul of a substantially strong man, I am getting really tiered of reminding the Hip Hop Headquaters to look outside of the box and to try to keep up with the creative treasures like Ransom here in addition of preserving the realness and originality, and to have something left afterwards that can be shipped further as a message of explanation and a teaching lesson, a drop of widsom that will hold the black culture in tune through out many different time drafts so clear mind and though and pure love be the leading elements of freedom life.


Still can`t tell for sure if this guy had a really bad luck in life, since he was born, or is that maybe one big reason he is here at the right spot and time, presenting his second album "Soul Killa", you can never stop wondering if this would all be here, if he had been blessed from the start and what road would he be on at this very moment, but either way, I am glad that he is where he is, and even though the public ears are not giving him as much credit as they are suppose to, I think that straw is long gone and it is now just a matter of time when the Randy flag would wave in the hands of a millions and more...

From a ruff past, being in fostercare, dealing drugs, doing time as a minor and all the other things, he manages to rise above it all, and learn to deal with upcoming threats and road blocks, with his admirable talent and passion, faith and soulful overview of things, not a single word that came out of his mouth was artificial, Ransom has been trying immensely to keep it 100% real and we know that every truth must surface up eventually, and after his debut album "Pain And Glory", wondrous piece of art, at the closure of this year came his second best act "Soul Killa". 

The album is a 11-track serious mind blowing deed, that will put the real Rap back on the map of the Hip Hop culrure in no time. Let`s just quickly get your attention mopping up through 1 to 11. Track 1, "Olympus", a sick self-intro rap, where Ransom explaines why you should stick to him, spitting the bottom soul cravings, carving the "ama make em belive" note with what seems to be the thickest blood running through his vaines. The sample-type album then openes up with a theme song "Soul Killa", featuring Royce Da 5`9`, talking about sincerity and and honesty, and originality, a destiny written in stone. "New World" sends a critique on the new time that we live in, new crooked rules, new generations, distortion of our moral and still seeing the bigger picture, calling for a support and awareness. Track 4, "Memba", as remember, looking back on them good and bed times of past, Ransom recalls his childhood, the smells, the haunted memories, and the days he was being forced to live. A very sensitive confession audio diary. "Sandra Blend" hold an ode for Sandra, a 28-year-old African-American, hanged in jail in mid-July this year, what police classified as suicide and what brought another allegations on a racial matter. Very touchy and noble guest by Ransom. "Hashtags"  reflects on the womens addiction to social networks and new technology, affecting a real life. Another feature artist here, the thrilling Dutch Rebelle, amazing female rapper, with strong lyricism in her pockets, she will shake you up from your blending spots, you will not know what hit ya. Then "Culture" comes along the way, in a collaboration with Mike Classic, man I don`t know where Ransom found these incredible artists, but they are the next big thing you will need in your music collection. Here they talk about wanting a woman with a culture swag... "Billy Joel" is another true story of passion, worth, respect and self-confidence, a real phoenix-type of tale. 09-"Intervention" a pleading cry for redemption and another acknowledgement of who he is as a human first, then as an artist. Trap anthem "What You Xpek" ft. Choppa a determined to hustle song and a great bonus finnisher "Knicks" mega collab jam featuring the ring of the greats like Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$ and Madlib is a NY core Rap cycle to fade in.


With no more delay, I deeply recommend copping this album asap, leaving no trails of doubt, making Ransom in the centre of a bigger picture, so he can enlighten us more in the days loading in... Grab your copy of "Soul Killa" on iTunes here:

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