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Music Review : Moxkito - Thinking Like a Living Legend

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CEO of Mox Flex Music Moxito who doubles up as a record producer rapper and songwriter has once again released a brand new song titled “Thinking Like A Living Legend”.

This is a single released after enjoying massive public attention and airplay from Ghana and other African countries which actually gained him the accolade “The Silent Germ in the African Showbiz”.

Moxkito is known for great songs like “Afia Pomaa”, “The Beauty We Love”, “Hopes Hurts & fears” which made it way unto international websites and radio stations and now “Thinking Like A Living Legend” which is produced by him.

“Thinking Like A Living Legend” is a hip hop song that has a very motivating and strong message. Most of the instruments in the song sound live although was produced electronically. It is a song that is certainly going to applauded by lovers of good music.

Moxkito goes on by showing his singing prowess on the hook. As someone who is already known for his incredible beats and rap skills, adding a singing talent certainly tends to surprise fans and music lovers.

Moxkito has a distinctive brand of hip-hop and beat making that exempts him the lots and that has kept him moving.

“Thinking Like A Living Legend” is just not another song by the artiste but proves that Moxkito is phenomenal and can ride on any meaningful beat.

The song talks about how one has to act when they want to live like a living legend. Also tells people not to look down upon themselves and always work hard and become successful in whatever they do.

Let me end by congratulating Moxkito Da BeatKungFu for going above all odds to talk to people through his music. Listen to the song below