General Admission
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MGK General Admission Album Review

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is the second studio album by American rapper Machine Gun Kelly. It was released on October 16, 2015, by Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records. Mostly a solo album, features artist Kid Rock, Lzzy Hale, Leroy Sanchez, and Victoria Monet.General AdmissionGeneral Admission

Right from the get-go, the listener is reminded by MGK is one the best rappers in the game today. With wildly creative beats, MGK takes a personal and introverted approach rapping about anything from his childhood, to his zodiac sign, to taking stabs at Mexican drug lord el Chapo. He makes very easy to admire his style by using a sporadic, hit-and-run approach to emphasizing controversial subject matter as his focus. I get the sense that MGK has a million ideas on his mind, and spits them out rapid fire.

“My music sounds like the devil

Turn that shit off or get out of my temple

Right after that he’d go back to his Kettle One vodka

And drink it all up till he's mental

I have no issue, I am official

Let them come at me I practice Jiu Jitsu

Only fear two things with three letters dawg

That's G-O-D, God and my f*cking initials”

Lyrics from “Alpha Omega"

The first half of General Admission brought such a gritty intensity with songs like “Alpha Omega”, “Till I Die”, and “Bad Mother F*cker”. I felt that in the second half, the energy dropped off suddenly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I was just digging the tone and was disappointed when it didn’t continue.

Overall, features some of MGK’s best material, and displays it in a brutal and aggressive platform. I would recommend this album as a first experience for someone who isn’t familiar with MGK because it demonstrates his wide range of strengths as a rapper. displays something for everyone to like, and I speak for all MGK fans when I say we are excited for his next project.General AdmissionGeneral Admission