Missy Elliott
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Will Missy Elliott be Supa Dupa Fly again?

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There are two people responsible for shaping the Hip Hop and R&B sound of the late 90s: Timbaland and Missy Elliott.


The two came up with a unique sound that, okay, we did have to get used to – they did the second Aaliyah album and in its first week of release it was only selling slowly. But once it hit the mainstream radio, we couldn't get enough of it!


Everybody started copying the sound. Even in my own music, you can hear the influence of these two, because they have been a massive source of inspiration. So, I for one, was very happy to see that Missy Elliott had returned to the stage with Katy Perry in February of this year and the Superbowl performance had put her back on the map.


Within a week after the performance, Missy Elliott's music was back in the iTunes charts and there were strong rumors of a comeback (yeah!). Even though she has remained active as a producer since her last album 10 years ago (!), she was no longer in the spotlight herself. Just on occasion, she would feature on someone else's tracks.


The reason for this long hiatus was mainly due to illness: A hyperthyroid disorder called Graves disease.


It had already caused problems for her during her high days of success, though at time it was unknown what she was suffering from. Cramps and uncontrolled muscle spasms caused her not being able to do her work and even became the cause of a car accident, that actually led to the diagnosed disease.


Missy has been speaking out about this on various occasions for several years, and has also shared some details of the treatment she had to go through. The disease is something she has to live with, but her condition is currently stabilized enough for her to pick up her daily tasks again.


In April of this year, Pharell Williams let it slip to Jimmy Fallon, on The Tonight Show, that he was working with Missy Elliott on her new album. Yeah, it was a fact, M.E. was coming back.


In September Missy Elliott even did her first solo performance in the UK's Isle of Wight, as one of the closing acts for Bestival.


Today (in October), pictures and video footage got published of her shooting a new video, which seems to make it definite that the comeback won't be long now. The pictures show her the way you would expect her to look in her video: Wearing a bright sparkling mirror ball jumpsuit, doing a few dance moves.


You don't really have to question whether her music will still be connecting with a new generation. Most of today's music is actually based on the foundation she created with Timbaland. Their sound is just as hot today as it was almost 20 years ago. I think she'll just claim back her supa dupa fly title. Can't wait!

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