Talib Kweli
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Great preachers mass reopened: Talib Kweli 2015

Artist reviewed by:

Indie 500

This is my favourite Hip Hop artist, the truest spokesman after the great 2Pac, this is the kind of lyricist you take with your self on a desert island, because what his emotions do with the art of music is like the electric thunder of feelings you get after you realise you just read your favourite book, and that book will never get bored to your senses. You can just read it over and over again. Ever since he first grabbed the mic he`s been fillin the space in and out with wholy truth and nothing but the truth, extracting the passion with the entire soul and holding up to that power in every breath during expression.

Talib 9th Wonder Rapsody

This legendary veteran still manages to suprise with his original creativity, firmly gripped by his signature rap, but golden plated imagination keeps embroidering the new ideas and transitions keeping with the latest clocks of music styles. This year, Mr. Greene decided to enlighten us us with double treats, the couple of months old "Fuck The Money" album, on point creation for the masses and not to mention it`s completely free to download, wich in a way explaines the album title, and nowdays it`s all gossip talks on another big project, the EP "Indie 500", produced by no other that glorious 9th Wonder pumping the plate of heavy preasure when we in the description of high end quality made exclusively FOR the people, BY the people.


When you really think about it, there is no other beter way to present the "Indie 500" then with this old school featuring new school Hood Anthem "Every Ghetto" with guest MC like female Queen of bars, Rapsody. Just the way she nailed down these Rap spikes man... In the Wonder masterpiece of 9th, Talib and Rapsody glided through this excuisite craft of sampled instrumental, with the gospel choir backround energy, perfectly matched to detail to tightly fit the mood vibe of the Authenticity of Hip Hop Culture.


Never think twice about this incredible life teacher, don`t hold your breath, don`t blink, don`t waist your precious time, but go download the latest stuff and keep this as closes to your ears as possible, spread the gossip and support the Ultimate Team of Marvels right here.