Dracula Lewis
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Dracula Lewis

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Bloodsucking time! Or should I say “Bloodsharing”? The artist I want to talk about goes by the name “Dracula Lewis”. So bloodsharing is inevitable, my friends. This Italian guy from Vernasca takes no prisoners.  Dracula Lewis sounds like Dracula Lewis should. It is a rough, wicked and trance-like void. Just listen to his “Permafrost”, “Working Class Hell-Hole”, “Cheetah”, “Gleaming Dis Cube” or “Guillotine”. And I am sure these sounds of poisoning madness will infect you making you want more of this stuff.

He is an eccentric, bum-like talented guy smashing your head with a synthetic hip hop, a wicked dub and a junky rap. It is horrific, evil and extremely, shamelessly talented.  Beats are slow and hard. Bass is tearing your guts apart. Dracula Lewis is so self-assured that it seems even if he had no listeners at all, he would not be upset. I like artists making their music, because there is no any other choice for them. And even if they had one, they would screw it. They’ve just got to be doing it. And something true always comes up like that. Dracula Lewis is not an exception.

So, get your bongs and be ready for a sick rap stories told in a special manner. A venomous electronic music dubbed in clouds of smoke and dust. Lots of effects, noisy and psychedelic loops – all this will make you dance like a Dracula’s victim. No escaping, no hope and lots of nervous fun. I think he’s a good guy. But who cares if his alter-ego named Dracula Lewis is whispering you deadly things. And you don’t want to leave or change music. Now that is what I call “bloodsharing”.

The vibes: sick and bouncy. The voice and lyrics: sharp like teeth. Make it louder and let Lewis hit the spot.   

Some useful links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DraculaLewis Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dracula-lewis Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1361739-Dracula-Lewis