The Moment (feat. Travis Garland)
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HOT NEW HIP HOP: Hoodie Allen ft. Travis Garland - The Moment

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While you were sleeping on this guy, let me remind you what have you missed. This Jewish jewel ancestor, Steven AJ Markowitz aka Hoodie Allen, joined forces again with our RnB Superstar Travis Garland and once again made an incredible problem for the world wide firefighter Hip Hop team. After the captivating RnB duet "Horoscope", released last year, guys decided to keep the crazy energy poppin in the studio, this time crackin up fan monitors with Hip Hop radiative chemistry "The Moment". 

Hoodie Allen

Born banger intros very impressively and right at the first five seconds of it, you know it`s going to be nothing but another 100% smash hit. With the catchy voice repeat sampling "Hey" and faded percs overdubbed by trapped snares, intro is just as perfect as any dope jam should be. Then the sick lead bass and a sub bass come into play keeping Hoodie in line with the banging fusion that`s been on right now. Markowitz ripped off the bars, sitting tight in the cooled down energy of the verse, with the Chris Brown swag on it, building up until it bursts into open energy hook represented wonderfully by Travis.

Travis Garland



Having an impressive backround of succsessful Mixtape and tour projects, and a self-published last years album "People Keep Talking", after switching from a full time job on Google, this popular youngster gave us the perfect example of a accomplishing goals pool dive technique. Utterly equal top hit scorrer, Trav man helped bring the ultimate gloss giving the shine it`s final beauty look. 



Calling to be lived in the moment, these entertainers dropped another bomb for the clubs and it has yet to explode widely. 


Before it speads, get your addiction dose on YouTube first: