The Ivory Moans
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The Ivory Moans

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please, meet the band you are about to love. The Ivory Moans! This group from Philadelphia, US, is on their way up and it seems nothing can stop them. So, get ready for the wicked funky grooves and voodoo rhythms!

The Ivory Moans style is a kind of something mysterious. They mix hip hop, funk, a little bit of afrobeat, soul, free jazz, spy and a lot of other ingredients in their music. And what do we get in the end? Really unique and tasty instrumental works, so tasty that you do want to bite them and eat.

The band creates atmosphere you can get lost in for a long, long time. This is the atmosphere of Blaxploitation movies, cheap horrors and sexual rituals somewhere deep in Amazonia. And suddenly you realize that it was just one track! Then you go to another and find yourself in some Italian giallo-movie of the mid-seventies!

The Ivory Moans claim to write soundtracks for the not existing exploitation films. And guys say that everything’s up to the listeners’ imagination. What a great concept! My imagination gets wet when I see all those giallo and sexploitation movies in my head while listening to the Ivory Moans. No vocals to describe the whole idea and limit an artistic concept to certain words and senses. Everything’s in your head, and the band is leading you through your own imagination using their magical sounds, voodoo rhythms, a fat bassline, saxes and a trumpet, a groovy synth and a guitar.

I see naked women dancing with knives in gorgeous apartments somewhere in Europe. I see bad daddies with guns in Cadillacs. I imagine lots of things I can see through a keyhole in a strange hotel. I direct my own movies in my head and the Ivory Moans are always welcome here with their beautiful style and passionate music. And I suggest you directing your own movie and see all those things the Ivory music makes your imagination create. It’s worth it.

Just try.

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