All Day
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Review: Kanye West ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney - All Day

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Now when it comes to Kanye West the world has iys fair amount to say, a lot of things words come to mind; arrogance,cocky, jackass and a few more colorful words Ive heard used to describe Yeezus but one thing we can definately all agree on when it comes to Good music he is definately a "god", saw what I did there.


All day was originally produced by upcoming producer, Velous, who made the skeleton of the instrumental on a friend's couch while watching Saturday Night Live. After hearing the original Kanye immediately fell in love and decided to put his Yeezus powers to work. "All Day" features McCartney's acoustic guitar playing, whistling and singing of the last verse and trust me when we say that we'd never have pictured Paul McCartney like this.


Kanye punches out heavy one liners in this hit, reminding us that even though the rapper is currently in the more affluent side of town, the Chicago is still in him. The vocal rendition from Theophilus London initially caught me off guard but after you hear it the second time its like you cant stop singing it almost like hypnotism really. Im sure you've definately heard this song before unless you live under a rock but if you do then do yourself and click on the link

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