Travi$ Scott
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Travi$ Scott has the Antidote

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Even if his album ''Rodeo''  was released on September 4, and his last single is 2 months old, Travi$ Scott went H.A.M. on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' yesterday.The 23 year old rapper performed ''Antitode'' as the guest of the show and literally nailed it. ''Rodeo'' is tearing up the charts worldwide and it features Future, 2 Chainz, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and others. The album released by Grand Hustle Records and Epic Records is produced by Scott himslef who was helped by several high-profile record producers such as Yeezy, Pharrell Williams and the great Mike Dean. Matter of fact not everybody knows that the hit ''Bi*ch better have my money'' by Rihanna, is co-written and produced by Scott. His producer history goes way back to 2009 when he released his first EP on Myspace under the name ''The Graduates'' with his pal and friend Chris Holloway. He provided other projects during the years untill Kanye's engineer,  Anthony Kilhoffer, took Travi$ under his wing and set up a meeting with Mr. West. From now on Scott started to collaborate with 'Ye almost always as he was introduced to Very GOOD Beats label. A producer, a rapper, and he is only 23. But there is more.See the action figure that is on the artwork?

                                                                                          Well, you can actually buy it. Kevin Amato, the photographer unveiled the meaning behind it:

"The doll was really held under wraps, on lockdown basically. People were flying this doll, it felt human at one point. I didn't even see it until the shoot. The action figure is almost the size of a Ken doll. He wanted it to be able to fit in the trucks and cars, sit next to Barbie in a Corvette. [The alternate covers] kind of an interesting thing. It also makes multi-personality Travi$. I mean, for me it was good because if you know Travi$ and his energy. It was nice to have one still object 'cause his energy is so amazing. It's hard to find someone to shoot a doll and not make it corny or cheap or be able to bring this to life. It's like a still. It was animated but I didn’t want to make it look like a doll. I think 'rodeo' is the world you enter once you get the album. But as it evolves and you see the packaging and the visuals within, it makes sense. Travi$ makes rodeo an emotion. It's Texas, it's Houston, it's a vibe. When the album drops, you will definitely feel a rodeo."

It is almost the size of a Ken doll, but they don't share the same price. It is 150 bucks for Travi$. Orders will begin being fulfilled in October but you can pre-order it now by clicking Scott's Store.