All Love Lost
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Joe Budden is all about love

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On September 8 Joe Budden released the video of his brand new single for the upcoming album ''All love lost'' set to be released October 9.''Broke'' is a sad love ballad that takes us through the deep and intimate issues that everyone can experience, as he sings in the first two lines:

''I mean we started with love, the beginning was magicalThen it ended abrupt, how's it us that this happened to?''

All through the song, Joe explains this sick relationship that he has with his woman and how it turns out to be one of the worst choice they ever made. The rapper took inspiration from his past love affairs and as he stated he is not referring to one girl only:

''Relationships are very intricate. Unfortunately I have had my fair share of experience in that type of relationship so it was important for me to try to express it.For this record in particular I just pulled from different experiences. So while four bars I may have pulled from a relationship with Tahiry, I may have pulled eight bars from a relationship with Kaylin. It is not about one person, at all. It is about an experience.''

"Broke" is a great representation for the theme of his new album which is all about love. But this is the leitmotiv of his late production. The member of the Slaughterhouse started to release love topic projects since 2013. The first, ''No Love Lost'', released on February 5, 2013  was supported by two singles: "She Don't Put It Down" featuring Lil Wayne and Tank, and "NBA" featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. The second, ''Some Love Lost'', released on November 4, 2014, is his first EP and as Carl Lamarre of XXL said,

"While serves as merely an appetizer to his upcoming album , Joe Budden’s anguish and candor on this project will do more than enough to hold over his ravenous fan base."Some LoveLostAll Love Lost

''All Love Lost'' is going to close the trilogy but those who want to listen to some new Joe Budden's verses don't have to wait another two/three years. Slaughterhouse's new album ''Glass House'' is, as Royce said, ''pretty close to being done''.  So what do you think, is it worth the wait?All Love Lost Artwork