Back to the Woods
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ALBUM RECOMMENDATION: Angel Haze-Back To The Woods

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Ok we all know where all eyes are constantly turned to all the time... This girl... Wow, how can you describe exquisite art in words... You can`t. Only thing I can do here is concentrate on highlighting my impressions of the Angels new project titled "Back To The Woods".

Hiding behind her personal drama and wickedness is gone, but the side effects stayed and she collected them in a mozaic master piece, revealing the true Dark Angel, an ordinary human being, suffocating in emotions, bursting in passion and urge to express every mood and thought.

She is completely open to the hard core and "f... crazy" as she admits, but very mature and grown, a lot wiser and mind set. Straight forwarded, Haze showed us every scar sitting on her soul in this new creation, explaining the meaning of "Woods" as back to roots, to her home, and merging with nature into one.


There`s a song about mom, little sister, about her ex, and most importantly her self, her confessions and her self-though lessons, realization of her true color and aspirations.


Working with only one man on the entire album, TK Kayembe seems to be a part of her spiritual anchor, diving his music into same depth as Angels frequency, targeting that levels of her drama, with the spikes of positivity forming the lines of the well lighted road to success and love.


You can easily read this as Angels personal diary and find your self in almost every chapter. May the power of the fountain pen never leak out from this pithy Author.