Afterhours feat. Diplo & Nina Sky
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NEW HOT JAM: TroyBoi-Afterhours ft. Diplo and Nina Sky

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London naitive, TroyBoi, a one time versatile multi genre music producer and a part of a Dj duo "SoundSnobz", is one hard working man machine. Currently hitting the tour across US and Canada, this boi brings nothing but trouble in most representative, impeccable way you could imagine.

I first engaged with this beautiful enigma on February this year, when I got mind blowed by his backround music for "Les Twins" dance videos, and after that it was all well rounded for me. An stricking enlightenment, a superb innovative mind that never stops for a brake took over my attention as with the millions of fans around the globe.

In the latest design he joined forces with not one, but two respectful big industry names, arsits like "Diplo" pillared by magical femal vocal "Nina Sky" in Electro collaboration "Afterhours"...

If you`re wondering about first impressions, they are not far from usual. Extremelly expressive accents by TryBoi have been pre-introduced by dark old school dance build up notes and transitions with Nina overdubbing making you feel like you`re in the beginign of the 90`s, leaving you with that image only, and no clue that the transformation to new era is just around that 1:03 corner...

Now you are again blowned away and hit by Troy/Diplo lighting of well known synth sounds, of slow, but energetic beat that will turn your mug into "b... better have my money" mood.

Percussions as usual give wonderful pin spots to the main bass and synth lines and it all fits so right to the ears.


But enough of my point of view, hear it for your self on TroyBoi`s Official Soundcloud and buy that tour ticket for a live joy blast.