Kanye West
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Kanye West debuts new song Fade at fashion show

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Today was a memorable day.  My friend happened to win tickets to a private live screening of Kanye West's fashion show here in New York City – one of 36 around the world.  Obviously, my friend brought me along.


We got to the Regal theater at Union Square around 11:15, the show set to start at noon.  At 12, the blank movie screen changed to a simple font, spelling out Yeezy Season 2.  About half an hour later, we were shown live footage from the building hosting the show – the entrance, stairwell, main floor, and control room.  Through this footage, we could see Kim Kardashian with North West sitting from row, as well as various rappers, fashion executives, and incredibly lucky people, excited to see what Kanye had to unveil.  Finally, around 12:45, the show began.  As expected, his show consisted of various neutral and classic tones, with lots of draping.  Girls and boys came marching out to a line leader calling the shots in baseball caps, work boots, and heels – their military-inspired clothing paired bleach blonde hair (Kylie happened to be one of them).  Each procession wore darker shades of color each time – tans and olive tones turned to maroon, which finally led to the striking black layers.  The best model, in my opinion, was Ian Connor, who smoked during his whole walk.

At the end, as each model lined up in the room, a song began to play.  This is it.  Kanye's newest song, "Fade," premiered for the first time.  The crowd, both in the theater and at the show, went wild.  As the song played, Kanye strut his stuff down the aisle, to head his cult of models.  Featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone, the song has a heavy beat and catchy lyrics.  I am SO looking forward to the official release of this song, as well as purchasing many of his new pieces.

My friend summed it up perfectly "Oh it was lit."

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