Chief Keef
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Chief Keef jumps into the political arena a la Trump

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As reported by Billboard, Keef had attempted to throw a concert in Chicago last week via hologram -- due to two outstanding warrants for his arrest related to separate child support cases -- as a benefit intended to "stop the violence" in Chicago. The goal of the show was to raise money for the families of his friend Capo, a fellow Chicago rapper who died in a shooting this month, and the 13-month-old Dillan Harris who was killed by a vehicle allegedly fleeing the scene of that shooting, but Emanuel's office canceled the show, arguing it posed a "significant public safety risk."

Things escalated further when Keef gave out Rahm Emanuel's phone number and urged fans to call it to announce he was running for office. Here are the Tweets:

Sounds Familiar? Well, this is the same strategy used by GOP's presidential candidate Donald Trump and makes you wonder whether Keef is trying to copycat Trump's unlikely success in the political arena or calling his attention for the VP nomination.

In all fairness, regardless of the controversies surrounding Chiek Keef, I don't think it's a good idea to let politicians decide on what kind of music we should hear and I think this sets a very bad precedent for the city of Chicago. What do you think?