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Review: Pharrell's 'G I R L'

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Pharrell’s second solo release, G I R L, is the culmination of his year-and-a-half-long winning streak. His unadulterated happiness is infectious, and it manifests itself in the 10-track LP. Relentlessly joyous and smooth, G I R L feels like a carefree celebration of life’s simple pleasures. The album manages to be slick without feeling unauthentic and stylistically uniform without becoming dull or uninteresting. Pharrell enlists a unique array of collaborators to bring more color to the album, including Alicia Keys and the ever-polarizing Miley Cyrus. Between Pharrell’s luscious soundscapes, feel-good lyrics and impressive falsetto, the album is remarkably well executed.


STANDOUTS: “Gust of Wind (feat. Daft Punk)” & “Lost Queen”