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The Heart & Sole of Converse

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Although Converse is most widely recognized for its iconic sneakers, the roots of the brand run much deeper than footwear. Converse was built on a foundation of creativity, artistry, and community. The Converse brand is marked by authenticity. Since the founding of Converse in 1908, the brand has been popularized by artists of all mediums who believe in the sincere feel of the company. While athletes, painters, and actors have all endorsed the shoes, musicians have historically helped the most in propelling the Converse brand to major commercial success. Converse owes much of its enormous success to artists such as Nirvana, Run DMC, and Tom Petty, musicians who have famously promoted the brand’s unique sneaker designs. 



Because of Converse’s close-knit relationship with music, it is only logical for Converse to give back to the music community. With the creation of the groundbreaking free studio, Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, Converse has done an excellent job giving back to the industry that helped it become a household name. Converse Rubber Tracks offers free studio time to up-and-coming musicians that would not otherwise have the means to afford time in a professional studio. This nonprofit organization attests to Converse’s character as a brand. Converse Rubber Tracks is by no means an inexpensive endeavor, yet the brand felt it was important to help develop talent within the music industry. This selfless action, while maybe not the best for the brand’s bank account, is fantastic for its image. Creating a unique platform such as Converse Rubber Tracks generates a massive amount of respect to the brand. It further enforces the homegrown, authentic vibe of the company. In addition to being an excellent marketing tool, some incredible music has come from the Converse Rubber Tracks studio. For example, this unique collaboration between Diplo, Frank Ocean, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon was put together by the Converse music team.