Tyler, The Creator
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Tyler be my Daddy (cherry bomb concert review)

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I was blessed by my first ever rap concert on June 13, 2015. I was treading water in a sea of odd future apparel and sweat, but I was happy as I could possibly be. The whole crowd had this ridiculously chill vibe that I had never experienced before at any other concert. But, once the infamous Taco walked out on stage and launched into the pre-concert DJ session, all of that relaxed energy was replaced by a high-frequency shock to the system of positive emotion. Shortly after, Tyler wandered up on stage, said something along the lines of, "what's up motherfuckers," and pulled Jasper and the crowd into the first song, "Bitch Suck Dick." He did songs off most of his albums, and even an Odd Future song, which was a blow to the heart considering their recent dismemberment. The venue itself, the Dome in Wallingford CT, was very small but it was fairly easy to get a good place and everyone had a good view of Tyler, Taco, and Jasper. Through the concert Tyler informed us that our malls were shitty, that he would not be anyone's "Daddy" or "and repeatedly screamed "HANDS UP HANDS UP" which drove even the most reserved people in the crowd to absolutely lose it and give in to the music. He ended the concert much sooner than I expected, but he ended it with a bang by preforming “Tamale” and blowing the roof off the place. Overall, I highly recommend seeing Tyler if you ever get the chance. Daddy," 

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