Deutsch Nepal
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Deutsch Nepal

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It is like a mantra and fresh water. It is like life itself staring into your eyes. You are full of fear. You do not know what to do and say. Your legs are shaking; your hands are trembling. Your mouth is made of cotton wool. Your thoughts are fog. You do not live; you just stand there with that stupid look on your face trying to act in a normal way. But it won’t work. Nothing works when life is staring into your empty eyes. Nothing can save you from this life. Nothing. You try to move but it is a hell of a problem. Your feet are made of stone. Blood in your veins is cold and your heart aches. You lose. Everyone loses when it comes to life. This is the only clear thought in your brains at the moment. Life smiles at you. It starts laughing. It can give you a chance. It will give you one. Only one chance. So don’t waste it; don’t you screw it. Don’t you ever screw your life! Don’t waste your time.

Deutsch Nepal is like a mantra, a verdict and love. Deutsch Nepal is like life staring into your eyes. Don’t be scared – you’d better try to listen to what it tells you. Listen attentively and make your conclusions. You’d better start living right now because you won’t get the second chance. See the beauty and feel the meaning of everything around you and inside of you. Take a deep breath and… go. You’ve got to move and do something about your life. You’ve got to share that love inside. You’ve got to deal with that pain and anxiety. And you will see that life is not scary. It is not dangerous to breathe. It is not difficult to drink water. And it is necessary to love.