Dada Life
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War is a pogrom, it is a festival of death It is a helicopter of your memories. Welcome on board! You are alone here, just you and Kraftwerk dummies pilots, there are no decorations or special effects, you feel cozy and confident enough to start the war. You see awkward smiles on dummies' plastic faces once you get off, you see Delia Derbyshire dancing barefoot through the telescope port; you touch the sky it is soft, warm and sticky. Put some sky in your tea, don't be afraid, try some star dust: it's crunchy and sweet. You feel it's your perfect time, it's a tech noire era. You see Aliester Crowley flying over in his shiny sky ship, he winks and nods accurately. You know it’s a confirmation, so you get your Glasgow Synthesizer and press the New Galactic Code - the bombs of pure synth cover everything around with warm blue jelly. You've been planning it from the very start, preparing properly to create as much chaos as you can, you've been born to start the Pogrom; with a code tattooed under your eyebrows. Now it's time to celebrate. You put black silicon lipstick on and whisper apocalyptic greetings to the new Tech Noire Era. Dada Pogrom is a project of Kenneth Walter Balys from Reykjavik, Iceland, who's been producing and performing electronic music since 1981. A software engineer, a great maniac of fat electronica and cinema, a great grandson of Iceland's outstanding composer Dr. Sigvaldi S. Kaldalons. Dada Pogrom has plenty of sick videos, albums and also makes movies; as Dada Pogrom he's performed at Paris, Toronto, Reykjavik fashion weeks; worked directly with Givenchy in Vienna. Kenneth says the name has been chosen randomly, he's just picked two words from a dictionary and put them together in a kitchen with his friend. But we refuse to believe that, yeah? He is definitely following the Plan since the Amsterdam of the Universe is our new home. Check out more Dada Pogrom here: Beatkamp: Discogs: