Billion One
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Billion One // OST

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Billion One also known as Sven Strohschneider is an experimental musician and producer. He carefully structures abstract beats, reflective melodies and intricate sound design to capture moments in time. Sven is a multi-instrumentalist and Billion One’s sound is made up of “analog” and "field recordings" which are blended together to give his music a guileless resonance. 

OST is a 13 track album that journeys through experimental textures and beats finding a robust foothold in the mind along the way. Hauntingly beautiful 'Her' complements 'Wait' whilst 'Giraffe featuring York' creates an enveloping pulse whilst still maintaining the Billion One sound.

Billion One's OST Pegdoll release features some fine remixes from, La Boum Fatal, Liam Back, Dnte and Kirrin Island. The remixes increase the tempo and inject a fresh perspective on Sven's productions. The remix artists have already graced the likes of XLR8R, Earmilk, The 405, Groove Mag, Electronic Beats Radio and received support from Caribou, Urban Outfitters, Vimeo staff pick, whilst remixing Robot Koch and releasing on Sinnbus.

We could give you a billion and one reasons to listen... 

TRACKLIST: 1. Wait 2. Giraffe feat. Yorke 3. Her 4. Monument Valley feat. Sopha 5. On My Way Home 6. Coop 7. Clouds feat. Kathy 8. Myrtle Tree 9. Drought and Famine 10. Giraffe feat. Yorke (La Boum Fatale Remix) 11. On My Way Home (Liam Back Remix) 12. Her (rebuild by KiRRiN iSLAND) 13. Monument Valley (Dnte Remix)