Caroline K
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Caroline K

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As I try to touch the sky I need some special music – that kind of music which is a perfect partner in such a weird action, you know. Touching the sky sounds pretty stupid and smells awful like a stupid, pathetic cliché. I don’t mean any experiments with drugs or something else. I do really mean touching the sky and even tasting it. Yes, I’m serious, of course! How can I be joking? I’ll share this experience and all the results with you once it happens. But for now I need my special music to start touching the sky and make it ejaculate if everything goes right. And I think that a perfect music for this experiment is Caroline K.

Caroline K (Caroline Kaye Walters) was a musician, artist, producer and singer / songwriter from England. She was one of the main persons in Nocturnal Emissions, a British industrial band of the 80s. But I do not want to talk about Nocturnal Emissions. I want to talk about Caroline. She was a co-founder of Sterile Records. And Caroline released her only solo LP called “Now Wait For Last Year” through Earthly Delights in 1987. And this is the album! This is music helping anyone touch the sky and have a slow sex with it.

This electronic journey contains five songs (remember them – they are like fresh water when you want fresh water and a morning cigarette when you want your morning cigarette): The Happening World, Animal Lattice, Chearth, Tracking With Close-Ups, Leaving.

This is a total fascination and conceptual orgasm;  diving into the sky. Beautiful synths, true ambient vibe and solid dreamy soundscapes will make any sky ejaculate with loving rain and beg for more. So I suggest you to find this album and pay a close attention to it. And me, I’m just gonna look at the sky without any touching it. Yes, I’m controversial.