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Flux Information Sciences

Artist reviewed by:

World Class Fuck

Sexy sound is in the air. Aggressive and pulsating waves are all around. This music is raw and roasting. Two feelings are mixed into a weird potion: fear and lust. Fear turns out to be sexy. Perhaps, it is pretty hard to imagine, but somehow this just comes to my mind. I do realize what I’m talking about. Just listen to Flux Information Sciences.

This is a band from Brooklyn, NY, USA. Industrial experiments of this cult band remind me of the early SWANS a bit. Kust a bit. By the way, FIS signed to Young God Records – label of Michael Gira – in 2001. Which is symbolic, isnt’t it?

These guys’ works inspire and annoy sometimes. Their records are not to be ignored if you love experimental and tough music. Sounds are heavy and sexy at the same time. Maybe, it’s just my thing since I look and listen through sex appeal, but FIS music is really sexy, though convulsive and pressing. It’s like a big factory masturbating with a huge vibrator. It’s loud, horrific and astonishing. This act bewitches any accidental listener. You want to be a part of it, still you don’t want to participate.

Factory's masturbation ended up in a form of 4 poisonous fountains – albums – hot and merciless as lava.

Flux Information Sciences is another talented and influential argument for noise is sexy. Noise is sex when it comes to talented creation but not just a stupid exploitation without purpose and sense.

Suggest you to get deep into FIS industrial masturbation legacy: their discography will give you pleasure, that’s for sure.

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