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I wanna get you a golden dress

There are records that make you stumble. And then you just stop, look around and stare at your feet on a pavement trying to focus and understand what the hell has just happened. A sudden change, uncomfortable flashback and you feel sick and beaten down. You just look at your shoes and cannot believe they are real. Those are not your shoes, that is not a dirty pavement and this is not your life. You are here by mistake. Everything is a mistake. You are not you; and your experience is a joke. Everything you know is just someone’s bad joke told in a vulgar manner. You’ve got to start from scratch but you can’t even move. You are a mannequin standing in the middle of a street. People are afraid of you; they can’t look into your empty eyes…

There are records making you feel like that. You can also call them a hard revelation or a painful mental boner. One of the experimentalists like that is Mattress. Actually, it’s a project from Portland, USA. And there is one person behind this act responsible for all the controversial feelings Mattress music gives you – Rex Marshall. He creates electronic music. His Facebook page says it’s Industrial, Lounge and Soul. Well, let it be so. This cocktail has a lot of blood and sweat. Emotional singing, simple sounds, not trivial lyrics – yes, it’s all like that, but. It makes you numb. Songs are madly sincere in their despair. They make you feel uncomfortably calm and focused. You start looking for something to touch just to make sure you are real and still able to feel something else, not just this sharp and strong music. Just listen to “Eldorado” or “Stay Poor” and you will catch what I mean.

Love Mattress music. It is not for everyday use, but for permanent joy and sophisticated, focused self-torture in the best meaning possible.

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