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Flosstradamus HDYNATION RADIO Album Review

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The Chicago natives J2K and Autobot better known by their stagename Flosstradamus, released a new album this week entitled . This power duo are some of the few DJs I still follow due to their musical style and incredible live concerts.Hdynation Radio

fits into the category of EDM after the bro-step era. It still features the massive attack producing style, but achieves it in a more tasteful way. Heavy laced with hip-hop samples, the tracks differentiate themselves through a series of interesting instrument choices. The song “Mosh Pit” retains a bouncy, yet aggressive feel. It's these unconventional producing choices that restore my faith in EDM. Another track that caught my attention was “Prison Riot - VIP”. This highly creative track has a drop, that was unique to any other Flosstradmus song. It's a unusual spawn between trap and rap that surprisingly works well for me. Hdynation Radio

Overall, Flosstradamus is a highly intense album that rides the border of genres within the realm of EDM. These two prove themselves to still have the ability to dominate at what they do best: making dirty, filthy music.Hdynation Radio