Witch House
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I wonder how many people out there think of 2010 listening to witch house. Why should someone think of 2010 anyway? Well, pretty stupid intro, but as I sit here trying to focus on that wave of Fruity Loops haunted electronics, I do want to know how many people are eager to get new Salem album.

Salem band was like “F*ck Off” and it was charming. Funeral Raves, pitched voices, doomed atmosphere and drugs. It worked. And it ended very soon. No one knows if the band’s going to do something. New album? No one has any idea. “King Night” was raw, controversial and one of the most notable albums of that witch wave. Now it’s almost 2016 and it’s pretty interesting how Salem would sound now. I think it would be awesome experiment. Disappointment or Revelation?

Sleazy doomed white band with lots of drugs and empty eyes. How would it be now? Would they grow up and sound different or would they stay the same and carry their flag of junk horror stories?

I’m listening to their version of the Carpenters’ “Superstar” at the moment.  And you know what? This cover version is really good no matter what some critics may say. Witch house was a sudden and fast wave. It bloomed and died simultaneously. Pale shadows of crack smoking kids and triangles have melted long time ago. They left a trace - wasted and weird generation of junks rapping, chopping and screwing just because of “why not”.

Listen to “King Night”, “Redlights”, “Hound”, “Sick” or “Dirt”. Listen to these songs; they are like a fog of something sick and dying. Listen to Salem and try to remember.

I think this essay’s turned out to be irreparable and cold just like Salem’s music.

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Official Website: http://s4lem.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SALEMGROUP/ Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Salem