Mads Øiern
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Mads Øiern

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- This is rustling. – I said. - Nah, not rustling. – My Special Someone said. – This is boiling lava, but it’s cold. It’s like bubbles of raging oil or dirt, something viscid and sticky.

It’s pretty hard to describe something well hidden: you feel it; you know it does exist, but all you’ve got is some unstable images and shapes in your head. Mads Øiern exists and its music leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. You sit in an empty café trying to understand what it all means. A couple of rough but very cold tracks with a thick sound ranging from future garage to ambient. You feel melancholy and some dreamy anxiety because of the echoes in your head and soul. Mads Øiern leaves a trace inside. Just a few tracks and you feel like you’ve already heard it – it’s so familiar and so yours.

I’m sure Mads Øiern likes Burial. It can be heard in the attitude his music shows. Though, he sounds different, his own way, surely. Broken beats, lots of noises, dirt, movie samples and the whole atmosphere – all this is fascinatingly harmonious in the modest and deep music of Mads Øiern. Bass is deep and it crawls under your skin to make your veins turn cold. Melodies and whispers cover you with blobs of joy and light sadness; and you find yourself talking to snow and dancing to wind.

Mads Øiern is an icy touch of a kind and caring winter.

Mads Øiern comes from Oslo, Norway. And he’s got an album called “△◆” with a beautiful cover and fragile electronica.

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