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Schwump / Barry Schwam

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And the whole world has changed in a moment. All the words are made of rubber now! Talks, screams and songs are rubber pumping up and down on the streets, in the parks, in apartments. It’s like ping-pong: colored rubber balls we call words are all around. Lots of not scary clowns are on the streets. The clowns are happy, romantic and melancholic. They sing, dance and give passers-by flowers: red roses, blue roses… People can fly and there is no fear in this world anymore. No fear at all. Cartoons are alive. They make love on the pavements and tell stupid but kind jokes. They share colors; those colors can be touched and even tasted. By the way, they all taste just great. And happiness is dancing on the roof of each and every building of every single city.

Crazy scientists play Theremins in bars and cafés for chatting animals. Raccoons drink beer while listening to these romantic science sounds, which make the whole world turn into a carnival designed by the most kind and life-loving professor ever. His aim is to make you happy, even if he hasn’t realized it. And the instrument is music, of course. Weird experimental music, mix of everything with a bit of everything. Happy singing to drum-machines in a lab with Theremin; pianos and percussion went crazy, words turned to rubber and ice cream felt in love with a sparrow.  

Professor’s name is Barry Schwam. His perfect world with all those clowns, raccoons and experiments is called Schwump. And it is such a pleasure to have an access to this special world breathing happy weirdness and a childish joy. It’s a pleasure and honor! I’m grateful to people like Barry Schwam for what they do and just for the fact that they live and create. “Aphids in the Hall” is forever. This is not a music article. This is an anthem of pure joy.

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