Zombie Zombie
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Zombie Zombie

Artist reviewed by:

Somewhere in the deep woods of Amazonia, where the unknown forces dwell, there is a space station – mysterious and frightening. No one knows who stands behind this station and a purpose of its existence. You’ve got to pass through thousands of things, weird, scary and horrifying, to reach this station. The crowds of hungry zombies will meet you in a dangerous jungle. While looking at your own scared reflection in the eyes of a zombie you will suddenly realize there is no return – you’ve got to go deeper into the woods to reach the unknown. Cannibals and their sexual rituals will show you how far human beings can go. Shamans, cemeteries, monsters, vampires – all of them will chase you in reality and even in your dreams, while you are sleeping by the fire with your friends under the big yellow moon. This expedition seems not to be a good idea anymore! This experiment turned out to be more dangerous and even insane! But you’ve got to move on.

And so you see this space station in front of you with lots of ugly and terrifying guards around it. Half of your clique is dead – it was bitten, eaten and torn apart. You’ve got to find out what’s wrong with this station! You see three guys entering it. Their faces look familiar. So the rest of you find the backdoor and get in. You see a science lab with lots of synths, samplers, sequencers,  theremin vox and a gorgeous drum kit. There is a rocket in the middle of this jungle cosmodrome. Three guys are chatting and laughing. They are Frenchmen. Two of them are drummers; the other one is responsible for synths, theremin, saxophone and a bunch of different instruments from the unknown void. Their names are Cosmic Neman, Dr. Schonberg and Etienne Jaumet. They are musical magicians and record voodooists. They have built this Rocket № 9 to go for the Planet Venus. Their voyage is called “Zombie Zombie” and the fuel for the rocket is their exxxtremely special and magical music.

That’s all, folks!

Here are some tasty links for super horror music by Zombie Zombie:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZOMBIE-ZOMBIE-20218131903/ Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Zombie+Zombie Believeband: http://zombie-zombie.believeband.com/